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Member Spotlight


    Andrea has been a sports car fan since she was little!

One of her greatest accomplishments was being the

Grand Marshal at Daytona International Speedway

and being able to say those famous words

"Driver's, Start your engines!"

She has also been involved in charity events for her favorite Nascar driver Joey Logano #22.

 While she owned a 1999 Daytona 500 Pace Car that was also a 30th Trans Am Ram Air convertible, she is having a great time driving her 2019 MX5 RF and being a member of the Sun Riders Miata Club!

 Ken came along 5 years ago from Oyster Bay, Fl and found his racing "Barbie" Doll at an Indy Car race in downtown St. Petersburg. Together, they love coming to all the meetings and events and have met some fabulous people along the way!

They may be known to bring some EXTRA FUN when dressing up!

Meet Andrea and Ken

Welcome new members

Barry and Marie - 2024 White

Mary Ann and Alan - 1999 Red

Arthur and Lois - 2020 Soul Crystal Red

Kenneth - 2020 White

David and Debi - 2021 Polymetal Gray

Nicholas and Mary - 2023 Red

Randy and Karen - 2003 Burgundy/Camel 

Steve and Camille - 2021 Black

Dale and Frank - 1993 White

Kevin - 1991 White

Waseem - 2023 Gray

Kevin and Celita - 2023 White

Gary and Debbi - 2007 Copper Red

Katia and Carmen - 2022 Machine Gun Gray


Pete and Sue - 2019 White

Joseph and Gale - 2011 Dolphin Gray

Dean - 2023 Metallic Machine Gray

Craig and Angela - 2017 Soul Red

Greg and Mary - 2023 White - 2001 Green

Shirlee - 2018 Ceramic

Mical and Karla 2020 Blue

Keith and Tammy - 2020 Red

Raffaella - 2022 Platinum

Paul and Lyla - 2020 Jet Black

Nancy and Robert - 2021 Gray



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