Member Spotlight


Gail and Fred 

Gail and I purchased our Poly-metal Gray 2020 Mazda Miata MX-5 RF GT in September 2020 and joined the Sun Riders Miata Club in November 2020.  After 31 years as a Travel Agent with AAA, Gail retired on January 29, 2021.  I worked for large corporations as a Manufacturing Manager and Consultant and then broke off to own my own consulting business for 7 years before retiring 16 years ago.  During my retirement I have done a lot of entertaining and public speaking.  Gail enjoys gardening and we both like to watch old classic black & white movies.  We have been happily married for 18 years and have a house in St. Petersburg.  We appreciate the Sun Riders Club.  We have met some terrific people, have enjoyed great destinations and I have learned a lot about our car from knowledgeable members.  Thank you for being so welcoming.  We look forward to many fun future experiences shared with all of you.

Welcome new members

Michael and Suki - 2016 Red

Jim and Arcinee - 2016 White

Nick and Catherine - 2019 Racing Orange

James and Lindsay - 2014 Meteor Gray

Joe - 2005 Forest Green

John and Susan - 1999 British Racing Green

Joshua and Donna - 1997 White

Vincent - 2008 Stormy Blue

Jack - 2012 Black

Tormi and Jodie - 2002 Silver

Ben and Wendy - 2016 Soul Red

Nathan - 2002 White

Nick and Sharon - 2004 Sunlight Silver

Ted and Betty - 2017 Soul Red

Shirley - 2006 Winning Blue

Steven and Kelly - 2010 Red

Brandon - 2006 Galaxy Gray

Terry and Janice - 1991 Silver

Carl and Diana - 1993 Black, 2001 Silver

Tami and Scott - 2021 Polymetal Gray

Stefanie - 2020 Red

Michael - 2014 Black

Jeff - 2013 Dolphin Blue

Robert and Denise - 1990 Red

Warren -  2012 Copper Red Mica

Brian and Dawn - 2014 Meteor Gray

James and Carol - 2020 Soul Red

Sun Riders Membership Survey


The Board of Directors would like your thoughts to help us in the planning of events for the remainder of 2021, 2022 and beyond.

We have had tremendous growth in membership recently, and would like to make sure all planning efforts result in events most members are interested in attending. Please note that not all of the ideas presented here will result in events.

We want to emphasize that we are always looking for ideas for events. All members whether new to the club or with years of membership are encouraged to use their experiences or background to bring to the Board of Directors any and all ideas for events that might interest the membership of the club.  We have many experienced members who will help any new members prepare for the successful execution of an event. Just contact Gerald Blum, President or any Board of Director with your ideas.


Check as many choices as you wish. Regardless of your involvement or why you joined our club, we value your answers and comments.