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Member Spotlight


Sun Riders recent members Carl and Diana from Apollo Beach have been sports car enthusiasts for many years.  Carl’s automotive involvement began in High School with a custom 1950 Ford convertible. Involvement with hot rods ended in college with a sports car enthusiast roommate from Watkins Glen, NY and a friend who had a new 1961 MGA but did not like driving a 4 speed.  

A naval career followed, with little car involvement until 1964 when Navy Fed. Credit union had a foreign car program to purchase cars overseas.  The overseas order, a new MGB, was delivered in San Francisco.  

The more significant event that year was marriage to Diana Hansen, who also had auto experience growing up with Volkswagens, maintained and repaired by her father.

While stationed on  the  west coast we were involved in several cruise clubs and  rallies.  Years later we found ourselves living in central Ohio where the MGB was sold with over 300,000 miles on the ODO and a 1967 AH Sprite was found.   The Sprite became a 1st/2nd  place autocross finisher for a few years.  The Sprite went on as an F  production SCCA racing car with modest success. 

Career changes brought us through Virginia and then a transfer brought us to Florida where we bought the first (of 8) Miata's.  Initially we joined the Everglades Miata club and recently, 20+ years ago we moved to the west coast.  

Here we were involved with East Bay Miata's and the FAST autocross group. The Sun Riders club came to our attention as a cruising and social activity club which is more compatible with our current interests.  Our current Miata is a 2003 NB cruiser!

Welcome new members


Denny and Charlene - 2016 Mica Grey

Bill and Muriel - 2003 Red

Casey - 2023 Red

Michael and Laura - 2020 Black

Ron and Elaine - 2021 White

Doug and Elena - 2008 Black

Greg and Sarah - 2008 Stormy Blue


Roy and Cathy - 2013 Silver

Randy and Kathryn - 2006 True Red

Robert and Laurie 1993 White

Arthur - 2006 Red

David and Kerri - 2016 White

Rick and Loie - 2022 Quartz Metallic

Cynthia - 2008 Gray

Joseph - 2015

Laura - 1999 Silver

Gail - 2013 Liquid Silver Metallic

Colin and Sandra - 2019 Cherry Red

Amir - 1993 Classic Red

Wynn and Patty - 2022 Jet Black Mica

Jorge and Stacey - 2006 True Red


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