Aug 28, 2018

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  • 1990 Mazda Miata. 5 speed Hardtop convertible, in excellent condition. This car has been awesome and we have towed it all over the US, the odometer reads 106K miles, and our motor home odometer reads 22K miles. That is how many miles the Mazda was towed in the last 2 years. This car is in excellent condition and the hardtop has been stored for the last 5 years. We will remove the towing system. Have the CARFAX report. 443-907-7098 Zephyrhills Florida. James.
  • 2006 Miata 5-speed. 116k, no oil leaks, no body damage, good tires, $4200 obo. If interested, please call Joe at 727- 207- 6676.
  • Current total mileage: 202, 333 Purchased from origin owner (in CA) in '96 @ approx 23,000mi; trailer towed to FL in 2015 New engine: in 2006 @ 132,000mi (inc exhaust header, cold air intake, HD clutch) New paint: in 2014 New top: in 2019 EVERYTHING WORKS! (inc A/C, headlights) Includes: custom fit car cover (w/bag), 'like new' boot cover (w/bag), battery charger, documentation Located in Clearwater, near Ruth Eckerd Hall Asking $2900 OBO Please call: Robin @ (818)802-5091

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